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  • Steel & Stainless Steel Fabrication
  • Steel & Stainless Steel Fabrication
  • Steel & Stainless Steel Fabrication
  • Steel & Stainless Steel Fabrication
  • Steel & Stainless Steel Fabrication

Best Steel & Stainless Steel Fabrication Designers & Contractors based in Trivandrum, Kerala

Stainless Steel Fabrication Services

There are two choices for fabrication of steel:

  •    Fabricating to client-supplied prints

  •    Fabricating to  designs of on-site engineers

Fabricating stainless steel parts and weldments from customer supplied prints is the combination of laser cutting, punching, forming, machining, welding and finishing, etc. This helps you get your required parts on time and at a very low cost. Other than fabricating to client-supplied prints, the on-site engineers and drafters can also suggest with the designs for manufacture from their knowledge and from what they have picked up over the years of their work experience. The drafting and design work is mainly done using 3D technology. 



One major benefits of Stainless Steel is that it provides phenomenal design flexibility in some projects while their high strength and resistance to corrosion, wear and fire make them suitable for construction of public and industrial buildings. Construction using stainless steel gives an advantage of having high aesthetics as well as being tough and durable. There is a wide range of choice of colourful coatings & different finishes. It requires low maintenance and hence low life cycle cost. Hence stainless steel fabrication is one of the most popular choices for long life constructions.  There are a lot of applications in the field of architecture, building and construction for stainless steel.

Some of the being:

•    Roofing: Stainless Steel (SS) roofing is a zero maintenance solution

•    Cladding & panelling

•    Interior panelling

•    curtain walling

•    Doors frames & shutters

•    street furniture & sculptures

•    Waterlines

•    Water tanks & building accessories

•    Staircase and Atrium Railings


Fabrication of stairs and gates and a few tips to enhance the overall look of your home.



When planning for your staircase the first thing you should consider is the space available. Every type of staircase won’t fit in your home so always choose with care. If you have large entryways you can always go for a double sided stair design but for a smaller space choose a straight, U- or L- shaped one.  A curved design will exhibit the railings and give you a grand entrance if that’s what you are interested in. For homes that are really packed, spiral staircase would be better so as to save horizontal space, but it is no picnic when climbing up. Once the function and shape of the staircase is fixed, the only things you have to bother about is the material and style to attain the overlook you need. So you can narrow down a large section of ideas once the first job of fixing the shape of staircase is done.



The way your stairs looks should go with the theme of the rest of your house. For example, never mix two very different styles like modern and traditional as they don’t necessarily go together. Carpet and stone comes under the traditional materials whereas metal and floating wood steps are the modern ones.  Even though appearance is the first thing that comes to your mind, you should always think about the functionality of the staircases first. An open railing or hard metal steps can become a risk to young ones in your home, while dogs and common rough household movements might destroy the texture of the wood. If you still have a few ideas that you can’t get rid of, regardless of the fact it might not be the best for your family needs, you can always get innovative and with ersatz-look materials. For this sit down with your contractor or designer to find a solution. 



Stairway decorating can be thought as hallway décor itself. Because there is nothing much we can do to the stairway structure without interfering with the function, but can decorate the hallways or walls near to it so as to give a finishing look. Add photo frames and artwork with a slim profile so that you don’t bump into them while climbing the stairway. Adding a small accent table or a potted plant if you have a landing, will give a nice look to the area. Since you have a long stretch of space on the side walls of the staircase it can be converted into gallery walls and you can finally display all your family photos. You can also include some shelving built into the walls for extra storage or display spots.



Before entering the house the first thing that invites you is the gates. Your house is identified with the front gates so it should be designed PERFECTly and in a wonderful way as it is the main way through which your guests come into the house. Gates aren’t just about the looks, it also provides a safe and secure environment. It should have a proper locking system so as to avoid creeping in of intruders or robbers. So when designing the front gate for your house neither the security nor the appeal of the gate should be compromised, both should be balanced. Nowadays you get options to include high security systems like burglar alarms in the locks so that if anyone tries to break the lock, the alarm rings up.



Even though houses with single floors doesn’t have too many options when it comes to the front gates a double door gate with modern day locks enhances the overall appearance. Other designs include a single door gate that has small windows like cylindrical pillars in the middle to watch anyone who is outside the gate. Another option is one with a mic and camera so that you if anyone you don’t know is outside the gate, they can talk to you about the purpose of the visit and if convinced you can let him/her in.

Be it single or double door, proper security must be given in both cases. Either you can go with the gate that has modern day or traditional locks. Or you can even go for the gates with burglar alarms.

To make it look more appealing or impressive keeping some flower pots or plant pots near the front gate can do the trick. 



Like the single floor houses in order to make the front gate more appealing the surrounding areas can be improved. There are a lot of options for front gates for bungalows. The tradition kind of gate with shutter fittings that have wheels in the bottom and moves on sliding is one option that can be looked into.

Coming to the modern day gates for bungalows, the big ones having the cylindrical cone like system over the top and which provides a view of the outside section of the gate through small spaces in between the gate is one great option.

No matter how simple the gate is if the surrounding is properly maintained, that itself gives a stunning view.



You can actually enhance the look of the front gate without even touching it. Here are some tips for it:

Having your own small garden or placing flower pots in front of the gate gives a welcoming and hearty look to the front gate. This also helps in keeping the environment fresh and pleasant near the front.

Another tip is to mark the way that leads to your front gate using marbles and pebbles. The way to the gate can be paved with marbles in the centre and the pebbles to surround the walkway. This will give a modern touch to the front gate.

Use of synthetic grass to give a green sheet like view near the front gate is another great option. These grass can be used to focus the walkways towards the front gate to bring a classy appearance to it.

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